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The brand kallisbest originated in 2014 from the claim to offer a high-quality feed for a payable price in the market that is suitable for dogs and cats of all races and age steps. The claim of the domestic animal owners to the feed of your loyal four-legged friend has clearly risen, because as can be proved most health problems are caused by an insufficient feeding. Most favourable feeds exist to the large part of grain what not only releases allergies with serious results with animals, but also offers no real nutritional value. By the low saturation of grain the animal must eat substantially more feed what brings again fast overweight, bone and joint, as well as intestinal problems with itself.

Also a person cannot live predominantly on grain, for a healthy and vital life a well-balanced food is the ALPHA AND OMEGA. It is obvious, the forefathers of our today's domestic animals are wolves and wildcats that are no herbivores but carnivores, therefore, more and more domestic animal owners on the BARF go over what stands for Biological appropriate to the species raw feed.

Thus offers kallisbest for three years developed and produced ready menus of fresh meat in food quality mixed with fruit / vegetables and high-quality Lachsöl what delivers everything in the perfect composition what the four-legged friend really needs. The progress reports of our customers who have changed on BARF were overpowering, not only like the state of health the four-legged friend improved, but the animals became also clearly robust and more vital.

It is not to be thawed everybody's thing, frozen meat and innards and to feed the domestic animal, therefore, we have made it to ourselves the job to bring the components of our frozen ready menus in a dry fodder. There is Throughout Europe only one producer who is to be processed in the situation fresh meat in a dry fodder, with this and also veterinarians, as well as the feedback of our customers we have polished long in the recipes and thus have created, in the meantime, the highest-quality dry fodder discoverable in the market with a fresh meat portion from up to 65% and for a favourable price if one the low necessary everyday feeding amount in comparison to a customary feed the premium brands have looked. Ours kallisbest is suitable absolutely for all dogs and cats of every age step no matter whether big or smallest races, from Puppy to boss, merely the feeding amount makes it.